This is the story of Wahaka

Adrian, a fourth-generation mezcalero, is one of the many independent artisans who harvest, roast, crush, ferment and distill agave by hand. His work proudly bears the Wahaka label.Adrián, un mezcalero de cuarta generación, es uno de los muchos artesanos independientes que cosechan, tuestan, muelen, fermentan y destilan el agave a mano. Su trabajo orgullosamente lleva la etiqueta Wahaka.

The Zapotec highlands are known for their rich cultural mosaic, as well as for their unrivaled biodiversity. Of all the states of Mexico, Oaxaca has the greatest variety of agave, and, naturally, the largest production of mezcal. This spirit, with a centuries-old history, has become an integral part of special occasions, as well as everyday life. Wahaka is crafted in San Dionisio Ocotepec (located in the Central Valleys of Oaxaca in the District of Tlacolula, 16º48´ N 96º24´ W, 1,670 meters above sea level). Founded in 1610, this village has sat at the epicenter of mezcal country throughout the spirit’s existence. Within the village of San Dionisio, the Morales family has perfected the art of mezcal creation over generations. Today, young maestro Alberto is the principal author of our label, managing the family’s five stills and overseeing the process from harvest to market.
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