The Wahaka Mezcal Lineup

The Traditional Line

Wahaka Mezcal Joven Espadin
40% ABV (80 Proof); 100% Espadin

Joven Espadín elegantly delivers what pure, artisanal mezcal is all about: an experience that awakens the senses with a delicate balance of smoke, earth, and sweetness. A specialty of our maestro mezcalero, Alberto “Beto” Morales, the Joven Espadín instantly transports you to our estate in San Dionisio Ocotepec, Oaxaca, where this mezcal’s agave is grown, cooked, crushed, fermented, and double-distilled on a palenque that Beto describes as “a place of respect and harmony, where no arguments or even bad words may be uttered.” This classic, 100% organic expression is unaged to honor the espadín agave’s complex flavor, and is bottled at 80 proof for equally enjoyable sipping and cocktail mixing.

Wahaka Mezcal Reposado con Gusano
40% ABV (80 Proof); 100% Espadin

Aged for up to six months in recharred American oak barrels, the Reposado con Gusano is the epitome of smooth with its light golden color and lustrous flavor. Our Reposado con Gusano is enhanced with the addition of an agave worm, a proven, age-old method for clarifying the radicals of the barrel while balancing the spirit’s overall flavor with notes of earth and salt. Some even say the gusano heightens one’s libido. But don’t take our word for it — try it for yourself.

The Signature Line

Wahaka Mezcal Madre-Cuishe
42% ABV (84 Proof); 100% Madre Cuishe

Like all great mezcales, Madre-Cuishe’s flavors are a product of its terroir. Subtly herbaceous, with a hint of freshly fallen rain, this rare, wild-harvested agave often grows in the low-lying volcanic terrain of Oaxaca’s Central Valleys, where warmer temperatures and drier conditions give birth to more savory, minerally mezcales. Our Signature Madre-Cuishe captures the singular character of this maguey and its environment to near perfection. Its bright, earthy notes develop delicately and slowly, while its long finish allows those flavors to linger gently. The Madre-Cuishe’s unique citrus flavors pair wonderfully with a variety of foods including exotic fruits.

Wahaka Mezcal Joven Tobalá
42% ABV (84 Proof); 100% Tobalá

No other agave offers the variety of aromas and flavors as the Tobalá — “the king of mezcales” — a wild plant that grows in the highlands, often on extremely rugged mountainsides and rocky cliffs. Not only is foraging for the Tobalá a challenge, but its smaller size means a significantly larger number of plants are needed to produce this delicious mezcal. With its instantly recognizable aroma, the Tobalá is explosive across the palate — enriched with sweet floral and herbaceous flavors — and its sensations resonate with a hint of numbness, thanks to its long finish. One kiss, and you’ll quickly understand why this small-batch spirit is so special. Because it’s so rare, mezcal lovers often keep a bottle of Tobalá tucked away for special occasions. Enjoy sparingly!

Wahaka Mezcal Joven Ensamble
40% ABV (80 Proof); 50% Espadin / 25% Tobalá / 25% Madre Cuishe

Our Joven Ensamble is what maestro Beto calls “a marvel” — a pure and magical blend of Espadín (50%), Madre-Cuishe (25%), and Tobalá (25%) that literally transforms in your mouth. At first, its aroma is all Tobalá, full of distinctive floral, herbaceous notes. But as it blooms on every surface of your lips, tongue, palate, and even gums, the full-bodied Ensamble develops into an earthy, citrusy Madre-Cuishe, whose flavors carry through the spirit’s long finish. All the while, the noble Espadín plays referree to its dominant brethren, allowing their respective virtues to spring forth in an orderly, balanced fashion. It’s a one-of-a-kind taste that’s 100% Wahaka, and a supreme mix of our best varieties.

The Limited Editions

Wahaka Mezcal Jabalí
45% ABV (90 Proof); 100% Jabalí

Jabalí takes its name from the Spanish word for “wild boar” because its maguey’s thorns resemble a boar’s teeth—but that’s hardly the only thing that’s wild about it. This semi-cultivated agave, which takes between 10 and 12 years to reach maturity, produces an explosively flavorful mezcal. Intense pine and herbaceous notes immediately jump out at first whiff of Wahaka’s Joven Jabalí, and it’s just as big in your mouth—bright fruit and spice are rounded out with a touch of oil and sweetness before its minty finish. Assertively bold and untamed, the limited-to-400 Jabalí is an exciting new addition to the Wahaka lineup.Limited to 210 bottles.

Wahaka Mezcal Tepeztate
45% ABV (90 Proof); 100% Tepeztate

Because it spends the first 25 to 30 years of its life basking in the sun and taking in the nutrients of the Oaxacan highlands, mature tepeztate maguey can make for some particularly punchy mezcales. Maestro Beto smoothes out those extreme flavors by triple-distilling our wild-grown Joven Tepeztate, giving its earthy, pungent fragrance a welcome subtle touch. The first sip is pleasantly fruity, with an almost sake-like yeastiness and a tannic quality that turns sweet and spicy through the finish. Limited to 480 bottles, this refined tepeztate is unlike any other. Limited to 480 bottles.

Wahaka Mezcal Espadín Botaniko
45% ABV (90 Proof)

While most pechugas are distilled with fowl or other meats suspended within the alembic, maestro mezcalero Beto Morales eschews this tradition, instead preferring to use herbs or fruits for his special vegan-friendly spirits. Our Wahaka Mezcal Espadín Botaniko bursts with botanical flavor, due to the locally sourced herbs that are added to the still during the second distillation. The process yields a clean-tasting mezcal that’s imbued with just a touch of grassiness. Stevia, vanilla, cardamom, juniper, cilantro seeds, lemon tea, and lavender all freshly emerge on the nose in this elegant, floral expression. With this first vegan “pechuga,” Maestro Beto brings Wahaka’s artisanal, forward-thinking approach to the next level. Limited to just 300 bottles, Espadín Botaniko won’t be around for long, so enjoy this celebratory mezcal while you can.

Wahaka Mezcal Espadín Manzanita
45% ABV (90 Proof)

Another in our 2014 Limited Edition series of mezcales, Espadín Manzanita is a “pechuga” made with organic heirloom apples, indigenous to Oaxaca, which are placed in the still during the second distillation. The perfectly balanced fruit adds to the classic notes of earth, smoke, and subtle sweetness that make this Espadín mezcal an explosion of flavor. With the apples’ characteristics ever-present in the nose, its taste is more nuanced, leaving behind a trace of acidity. Espadín Manzanita’s complex finish is gorgeously drawn out, with hoja santa and other Oaxaca-specific aromatics rounding out its profile. At once majestic and elegant, but with a tasteful bite, this is not an easily forgotten mezcal. Limited to 400 bottles.

Wahaka Mezcal Guajolote con Fruta
45% ABV (90 Proof)

Alberto Morales may be a true master of the vegan “pechuga,” but his first traditional fowl-distilled mezcal is nothing short of a revelation. For this celebratory bottling, Maestro Beto suspends a wild turkey breast in the still during the second distillation, but balances its meaty, oily characteristics by adding tangerine, banana, and cantaloupe directly into the espadín base mezcal. The result? Notes of ripe citrus, roast agave, plantain, and anise lead into a delicately unctuous flavor with hints of pepper, melon, and fennel and a delightfully warm finish. You won’t find a mezcal more round, nuanced, and complex as this one. Limited to 210 bottles.

Wahaka Mezcal Nanche
45% ABV (90 Proof); 100% Espadin

In the spirit of Wahaka’s previous Limited Edition mezcales Botaniko and Manzanita, this vegan “pechuga” is made from espadín agave and imbued with nanche—a small yellow fruit endemic to Southern Mexico and Central America—during its second distillation. Light on its feet with a gentle whiff of smoke, the Joven Nanche smells of sweet, pungent fruit. But across the palate, it really shows off its unique traits—its mild vegetality, beautifully crisp citrus notes, and pleasant viscosity push through for a warm, lingering finish. This extremely limited run is restricted to 102 bottles, so enjoy Joven Nanche while it lasts. Limited to 102 bottles.