The Rich Handmade Culture of Oaxaca

The artisan culture is alive and well in Oaxaca. In the villages and Oaxaca city, people using centuries-old techniques are creating some of the best handmade crafts in the world.

Many of these artisans have set up shop in Oaxaca or bring their wares to sell in one of the daily markets. To see how these crafts are made, however, you'll need to visit the rural villages outside the city.

These villages are hives of handmade work, some exclusively protecting a specific craft–rug weaving, green clay pottery, red clay pottery, or wood carvings–for centuries. With a little luck, you'll be able to watch one of these artisans at their craft.

Pottery is fired outdoors using a wood fire.
Dyes are made using only natural ingredients found in the region.
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